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SAP Trainings

BGB Software House offers a wide range of specialized SAP trainings for various SAP solutions. The company aims to meet the specific training needs of its customers, providing the respective educational services in the form and content complying with the long-term objectives of the company. BGB Software House has set the goal to achieve maximum flexibility of the offered training services, since every customer has a different vision how to develop its employees, and developing the potential of each employee and their retention through the provision of opportunities for professional growth is one of the key investments for long-term success.

The company has the following portfolio of training services:

  • Standard SAP Courses, organized according to world’s SAP standards;
  • Standard SAP Academies, for preparation of SAP consultants and certifications;
  • Specialized SAP Trainings for End and Key users of SAP Solutions in different industries;
  • Specialized Management SAP Trainings;
  • Tailor-made trainings according to specific customer requirements, which can include real cases of the users’everyday routine;
  • SAP Trainings for beginners.


Apart from traditional courses, BGB Software House offers online formats as well - eAcademies and SAP Learning Hub

BGB Software House has consultants with extensive experience in implementing standard as well as industrial SAP solutions. We strive to conduct the trainings with such consultants because sharing real cases, that they have encountered during their experience in implementations, gives additional value to each training.

BGB Software team does research of the training needs of the organization and develops a comprehensive training program for its employees which is interrelated to the company goals.

Some of the benefits which SAP trainings can bring to your organization are:

  • Increased employee efficiency;
  • Increased return on investment in IT;
  • Retention of key talent and increased employee satisfaction;
  • Streamlined processes.


You can receive more information and the opportunity to plan your training at: sales@bgbsmena.com or you can use the form for inquiry on this site.

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