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Project Management

Project management is not only a set of tools and techniques, but also an overall concept and philosophy for a successful business. Project management is a very hot topic asa project’s start is key  for increasing efficiency, profitability and growth of both financial and economic security of every company and for achieving sustainable economic growth through the development of a competitive and diversified economy. 

In  the context of  globalization and rapid development of technology, projects of any type and field are complex and have more and more influence on the environment and on each other. Project management requires effective planning, organization, management and control, constant communication and flexibility.

BGB Software House team has highly qualified specialists who guarantee professionalism and innovative approach both in the analysis and optimization of business processes and in the design, development and implementation of business solutions. We provide expert services according to the specific needs of our clients and based on the best practices in their field of activity, which is a guarantee that the project will achieve its objectives within the agreed parameters for the scope, duration and budget of the project.

BGB applies systematic approach and high quality performance in any activity, stage and phase of the project; coherence of action in each phase of implementation; effective communication and proactiverisk and change management  throughout the project life cycle.

BGB provides a wide range of services related to project management:

  • Planning, development and implementationof projects
  • Procedure development
  • Designing  assignments and technical specifications
  • Preparation of tender documents for participation in procurement procedures under European Union Regulations and the Public Procurement Act
  • Execution and evaluation of tenders
  • Business plans development
  • Preparation for certification in the field of information technology


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