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Bulgartabac Holding - Factory Duvana - Banja Luka

The 127 – Year Old “Factory Duvana – Banja Luka” welcomes Fundamental Change in Organizing and Managing Daily Operations through SAP IS Retail and SAP Business Warehouse

"Factory Duvana - Banja Luka" was founded in 1888 and is located in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. From September 17, 2013 "Factory Duvana - Banja Luka" works as a subsidiary of "Blagoevgrad BT" (Bulgartabac PLC). As a result of this new ownership, production lines for packaging have been modernized, more job vacancies have been opened and "Blagoevgrad BT" keeps purchasing raw tobacco from local manufacturers. This also leads to duty-free access of the products of "Blagoevgrad BT" to the markets of Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Moldova, and control over 80 kiosks for newspapers and magazines in the Republic of Srpska. Apart from printed products, the pavilions also offer tobacco products, hot and cold beverages, food products, and other essential products during the day.

To view more details of the SAP IS Retail Implementation project, go to CASE STUDY - FACTORY DUVANA - BANJA LUKA.


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