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Tabak Market

SAP IS Retail and its Integration with SAP Business Warehouse Gives Tabak Market the Means to Successfully Cope with its Major Challenge. 

Tabak Market Plc owns the brand Lafka. It is a modern and innovative chain which has 850 retail outlets in more than 70 settlements around the country - kiosks and stores that offer a great diversity of goods, such as hot and cold beverages, tobacco products, above 101 different printed products - dailies, weeklies, magazines, journals and books, food products, tickets from the National Lottery, mobile operator prepaid SIM cards or charge accounts and other essential products necessary during the day. The company’s policy is to deliver these daily essentials at aesthetic-looking pavilions situated at strategic locations throughout the cities, towns and even villages, and to ensure fast and quality service to its customers. Tabak Market also proves to be a socially responsible company through embracing responsibility for corporate actions and encouraging a positive impact on the environment and stakeholders.
To view more details of the SAP Implementation Project, go to CASE STUDY - TABAK MARKET. 


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