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Tabak Market and ELD Migrate to SAP HANA


Tabak Market and ELD, customers of BGBS Group, will migrate ERP and BW Modules to the powerful platform.

With the growing needs of modern business, companies need not only value, but additional speed. With the transfer of SAP ERP on SAP HANA, it is expected to simplify the organization and processing of data, the development of the application is expected to reduce the volume of useful data and to facilitate the work of users. Migration will show direct results in the Sales, Marketing, Finance, Logistics Chain and IT departments.

Companies invest in BW to gain visibility on the business and its activities, but are faced with a growing volume of data and time required to obtain the desired information. Moving the application BW on SAP HANA will face these needs, while maintaining the benefits of BW and refine them by providing everything business need faster.

"We expect real-time access to any information that is key to sales, as we aim to achieve real-time analysis of consumption patterns of customers. In this way we would be able to offer more flexible products that are in greatest demand at the moment, and to adapt the marketing strategies to the customer consumption patterns, "said Boris Zahariev, Executive Director of Tabak Market. "For us the HANA migration investment is necessary because of the challenge to grow our business rapidly, while increasing sales revenue and reduce costs. We believe that we can achieve this by optimizing sales opportunities and anticipating market trends, with the large volumes of data from different sources we can use on the moment, thanks to HANA. "- he added.


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